Bookselling Without Borders

A scholarship program that allows US booksellers to attend and participate in international book fairs
A scholarship program that allows US booksellers to attend and participate in international book fairs
Every year, the book industry gathers at international book fairs the world over. But one essential figure has been largely excluded from these gatherings: the bookseller.
Bookselling Without Borders is changing that
Founded in 2016, BWB awards scholarships to American booksellers to attend international book fairs, where they meet with publishers, editors, authors, agents, and other publishing professionals; connect with booksellers and with bookseller trade associations from around the world; speak on and attend panels; visit local bookstores, distributors, cultural agencies, and literary arts organizations.

Booksellers return better connected, better informed, more aware of the international book panorama, and better equipped to put international and diverse literatures into the hands of readers.
Bookselling Without Borders [is] vying to increase the visibility of international authors and books.
—Entertainment Weekly
Turin, Italy

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Bookselling Without Borders is all about widening Americans’ perspectives and broadening readers’ understanding of the global landscape, not just in literature, but also in thought.
Changing Hands Bookstore

Alumni Booksellers

Ariana Paliobagis, Frankfurt 2016

Country Bookshelf, Bozeman, MO

Camilla Orr, Turin 2017

Changing Hands, Phoenix, AZ

Jenn Witte, Turin 2017

Skylight Books, Los Angeles, CA

David Sandberg, Turin 2017

Porter Square Books, Cambridge, MA

In addition to its seven partner publishers, Bookselling Without Borders is generously supported by Ingram Content Group, media partner Shelf Awareness, and the Frankfurt Book Fair U.S. Bookseller Prize with funding from the German Foreign Office.
Given the current political climate, Reynolds and his peers from Other Press, New Press, Catapult and Graywolf felt a systematic change in the way Americans consume international fiction needed to happen - quickly.
Turin, Italy

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